Solving the Dilbert Paradox: Be the CEO of Your Domain

Tim Whipple, VP Agent Services

Tim Whipple, VP Agent Services, "The Mayor"

Recently I was invited to the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program Roundtable on Talent Development, where the theme was Solving the Dilbert Paradox. The paradox, in a nutshell, is that while managers claim that their highest priority is the selection, retention and satisfaction of high-quality employees, many of the most talented contributors feel under-appreciated and under-utilized.  And those who are the most passionate about what they do often end up being the most frustrated and dissatisfied with their jobs.

After comparing notes with colleagues at the meeting, I remain excited and proud of the innovative approach that LiveOps takes in engaging with the community of 20,000 independent contractors and how our business model helps drive success.  LiveOps has gathered a community of driven entrepreneurs who are striving towards a successful home business, with an infrastructure in place to allow those who want to work more hours and get more certification on specific industries or products to thrive at their own pace, within their own schedules.  This approach of giving each independent business owner, in this large, highly-distributed workforce a sense of ownership, and recognizing that each independent agent is the CEO of his or her own domain, fosters commitment, pride, dedication and loyalty that ultimately benefits the LiveOps customer.

I was also inspired by what I heard at the Roundtable gathering. There were some excellent ideas posited about how to grow a stronger sense of community for the 20,000 independent contractors, and what LiveOps can do as a company to continue to build an  environment  that fosters that sense of  growth and success. Based on the ideas shared, I am already taking actions to develop programs for the LiveOps community of independent contractors that further incent and inspire top performing businesses, to allow opportunities for independent contractors to compare notes and share knowledge, and to give these knowledge seeking entrepreneurs more direct opportunities to hear directly from  LiveOps leadership through gatherings like forums and town hall meetings.

At the end of the day, this Roundtable meeting supported the notion that is a passion at LiveOps: empowering a workforce to work. Recognizing and respecting the fact that people want to get things done and be and feel successful lets LiveOps stay out of that Dilbert Paradox and empowers 20,000 individual independent contractors to continue to be their own CEOs.


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  1. Tim
    What a heart-felt, specific testimonial to you and to LiveOps – priceless and probably why multi-talented you have stayed at LifeOps – because it remains a place where you can put our passion to work and make the work better for others as Sandy attests

  2. estela says:

    After giving birth to my 5 son, I wanted to take the time to really enjoy being a mom, not missing out on my babys milestones. I worked the 9-5pm shift for many years missed out on alot.I found LiveOps and I am so blessed,to be a Independent Agent.A great company to be a part of. LiveOps offers freedom and opportunity, A great team they truly care about you and help you excel to meet your goals to be the best!

  3. sandy lewis says:

    After a couple of years of searching I found LiveOps. I thank God for them, I had lost my job with the power company for too much sick time after five years. They got me though until my disability came in. Worked from home, no traffic, gas, clothes etc. Worked the schedule I wanted and when too sick didn’t work. This company is awesome! they really do care about their agents. They are always there to help and keep you motivated. Now, LiveOps is on tv and in magazines. I’ve told many about it, but they don’t believe or trust or just too lazy to look at it. Their loss. Tim Whipple is a great businsessman. He is on top of business ventures and truly cares about his people. Some are lucky enough to meet him. If I could I’d still be with LiveOps. Disability doesn’t allow it. I couldn’t work full time but I miss talking to people. This is a great company, no boss with an attitude over your shoulder, no back stabbing co-workers. Everyone is one for all and all for one. Can’t say enough good things about this company.

  4. Mike Jay says:

    Technology has changed the face of the workplace, expanding it beyond its traditional borders.

    Freedom of choice for individuals in how they wish to work and be compensated is very important in light of these changes.

    This greater freedom of choice needs to be nurtured and not crushed, as we all struggle to make a living day by day.

    It is ludicrous to imagine that this freedom is somehow being forced on individuals against their will.

    The entire landscape of independent contractors is not composed of sweat shops but individuals who are making free use of this technological advent to make their living.

    It is important to keep this broader picture in mind when seeking to find solutions for abuses in the industry.

  5. Larry Adams says:

    Independent Contractors are the backbone of this country. We beleive in what we do and are proud to be the pioneers for any business to bring more business to them and to ourselves with our own intuition, knowledge , inspiration and self worth of making our own decisions and contributing to this country our independent ideas for a better nation. We take pride in thinking and taking action on our own, which allows us to bring forth more new ideas for a better tomorrow.

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