Blooming Mother’s Day Performance by LiveOps Sprouts New Business Opportunities

Tim Whipple, VP Agent Services

Tim Whipple, VP Agent Services

Flowers and Mother’s Day go hand-in-hand. But celebrating so many moms on a single day can create an overwhelming spike in demand for a flower company.  So when one of the largest online flower retailers came to LiveOps again this year to handle calls for the flower-heavy holiday, we understood the challenge.

In addition to the huge call volume that comes in every year, the other thing we can count on is that our community of independent agents loves this opportunity and can’t wait to start taking calls for the occasion. As we have done previously, we created a special community of agents focused on this specific retailer.

The 1,200 LiveOps Agents utilized the retailer’s web-based application to help callers deal with wilted lilies and misdirected daisies.  LiveOps teamed up with the retailer’s customer support team monitored two dedicated chat rooms to answer product and tech support questions during all hours of operation. Additionally, LiveOps responded to daily requests for as many as 50 percent additional agents and maintained at least a 90 percent fill rate on all added seating.

All told, in just over seven days, LiveOps agents handled more than 75,000 calls.

The retailer had some fantastic things to say about our Mother’s Day performance. “[LiveOps is] at the top of the outsourcer food chain,” read one note while another said “[LiveOps] has been far superior to all others so far.”

Furthermore, our independent agents were again at the top of their game. As one representative put it: “LiveOps agents ROCK!”

The feeling is mutual.  At LiveOps we take great pride in working with our customers who require us to have the ability to immediately scale, be available and ready for their on-demand business.

“It is clear that this client cares about maintaining positive relationships with their customers,” the agent wrote after calls were completed.  “Because of this commitment, we [agents] have the capability to make every experience a great one, so the customers will come back again.”

Indeed, this retailer has already called on LiveOps again.

As a result of LiveOps Valentine’s Day performance and the company’s ability to quickly scale large numbers of certified agents, this same retailer asked LiveOps to provide contact center services for two of its other top-selling brands during the Mother’s Day peak.

This was the first time that this retailer’s parent company allowed an outside company to take calls for these brands. This expanded partnership demonstrated trust in the LiveOps team and we are excited to build upon that trust and expand our relationship with this retailer into the future.


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