Turning Contact Center Agents Into Lead Generators


Can you list the responsibilities of a contact center agent? Go ahead! Our comments section is begging for your input.

If you said “handle account inquiries, customer complaints or support issues,” you wouldn’t be wrong. You also wouldn’t be entirely accurate, either. Contact center agents are also sales lead-generating machines!

With the introduction of tools and technologies that enable brands to take an omnichannel approach to customer service, the definition of the contact center agent has changed. Brands can equip agents with a multichannel platform to satisfy the roles of both customer service representatives and sales associates; however, brands are still siloing departments. Are they missing out on precious revenue by doing this? Our community of 20,000 independent contractor agents says yes.

When brands utilize live agents smartly, on average they earn up to 33 percent more revenue per campaign and answer more than 98.5 percent of leads. It’s simply a matter of connecting live agents with customers.

When 90 percent of consumers already value the ability to communicate with a live person, why not connect them with a live person? A customer is more inclined to accept an add-on or upgrade from an agent that has spent the last 15 minutes getting to know them rather than an up-sell pop-up box with no personality behind it. It is far too easy for customers to decline pop-ups on a website and much harder to say “no” to customer service representatives John or Jane.

Contact center agents interact with customers more so than any other brand representative and, therefore, have a better understanding of a customer’s needs and preferences. This allows for the utmost customization of each individual interaction. By engaging with customers on their preferred channels, having purchase history front and center, and knowing how and when to up-sell or cross-sell, customer service agents become a brand’s strongest sales representative. Putting the agent in a hybrid position of sales and customer service makes for a valuable mechanism to better monetize customer experiences across the board.

–          Sanjay Popli, SVP of Agent Services

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