It’s Customer Appreciation Week!

While this week may not be nationally recognized as Customer Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating over at LiveOps. In fact, every week is Customer Appreciation Week for us. Why? If you haven’t caught on by now, we are in the customer experience business. Yes, we are a contact center solutions provider, but for us, it is far more than that. We are passionate about serving our customers, as well as our customer’s customers. Our customers are our partners and their success is our success. We don’t just deploy our software and call it a day. Nope. In fact, before the software is even deployed we work with our partners to build a customized solution for their unique needs. Our Professional Services team continues to stay close at hand throughout deployment and training to ensure the best possible experience on every end, as well as after the solution is up and running so that we can continue to optimize the experience. We want our partners to feel empowered by our tools, and understand how to maximize the features and benefits available.

We recently sat down with three of our customers to discuss their experience with LiveOps. These three companies could not be more different, yet they all saw the value in entering into a partnership with LiveOps. Each utilizes different LiveOps offerings, but all agree that LiveOps has helped their brand grow and become what it is today – something they could not imagine without the help of LiveOps. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge these valuable customers and celebrate their success today and their continued success in the years to come. Maybe some of their up-front challenges will ring a bell to you because you’re experiencing something very similar at your company right now. Take a read and a watch!

Murad, a skincare product maker, takes advantage of LiveOps Agent Services. When Murad and LiveOps first became partners, Murad relied upon LiveOps’ in-depth knowledge and years of experience to help develop their direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns, from script writing to script testing to reporting. Marina Randolph, executive vice president at Murad, shares what working with LiveOps has meant to her and her company, When she thinks of LiveOps, she thinks of quality agents that not only understand the Murad product line but are passionate about it.

LesConcierges, a global, high-end concierge service, was growing at such a rate that the company quickly realized they were going to need to revamp their entire technology platform from telephony infrastructure to hardware to software. This would be a serious undertaking, but in order to fulfill their potential, it was a necessary one. Matt Clemenson, chief technology officer at LesConcierges, turned to LiveOps to help with this transformation and to ensure their growth would not be stunted by antiquated infrastructure in the future. Deploying LiveOps’ scalable, cost-effective, cloud solution, however, was just the beginning of the partnership. LiveOps’ Professional Services continued to work closely with Clemenson and LesConcierges’ in-house team of agents to ensure a complete understanding of telephony and the complexity of call flow, and ultimately identified opportunities to reduce costs. This video takes you through LesConcierges’ deployment and Clemenson describes how LiveOps is enabling his company to double in size within a year.

Axcient, a recovery-as-a-service provider, turned to LiveOps to help form real relationships with their customers. Pam Lyra, vice president, Customer Satisfaction, was thrilled that LiveOps was able to have them up and running by their tight year-end deadline, but it was the integration with Salesforce that truly took the LiveOps solution to the next level, making internal operations from sales to service a cohesive, one-stop shop for Axcient. The 360-degree view of the customer enables Axcient to help customers quickly and, more importantly, deliver that personal touch that is so important to the company’s mission to go beyond just customer support. In this video, Lyra describes her experience working with LiveOps, and how LiveOps’ stability and service has enabled her company to provide the same to their customers.

These are just a few of LiveOps’ invaluable customers, but there are more worth celebrating, and we will continue to share their stories. We look forward to continuing to work with our customers in our joint mission to provide unsurpassed customer service.


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