We Support 1 Million for Flexibility and the Need for More Flexible Work Environments

1 Million for Work Flexibility

The 21st century economy is evolving and constantly changing. This evolution started years ago, back with personal computers, and accelerated with the rise of mobile devices and new technologies that made it easier to work outside of a traditional office. There are options for people who are looking for flexible jobs, work-from-home opportunities and ways to strike a better work-life balance.

1 Million for Work Flexibility is a national initiative creating a collective voice in support of work flexibility. Work flexibility is an over-arching term for options in the workplace that give organizations and their employees the freedom to better decide when, where and how to work. For example, flexible and alternative schedules, remote work opportunities and even freelance contracts are all examples of the types of options this movement supports. Work flexibility can be implemented in smaller ways (such as occasional telecommuting or having an alternative schedule where you come in and leave an hour earlier to avoid traffic) or in bigger ways (such as telecommuting all of the time or having a completely flexible schedule).

LiveOps is a big supporter of flexible work—it’s what we do! LiveOps has been bringing work home for more than 14 years through our cloud-enabled contact center platform and independent, work-from-home agent community of more than 20,000 people across the country. We believe it’s important to help people find a better balance between their work and their life, because people work better and are more productive when they are happy, relaxed and experiencing low levels of stress. That’s not to say we think all work should be easy—that, unfortunately, is not realistic—but there are simple ways to help workers be happier and more relaxed so they can be more productive. Offering flexibility and opportunities to work from home are two options that make a big difference for workers.

Our agents have said that the freedom and flexibility of being a LiveOps independent agent has improved their lives, from reducing stress to giving them more time with family. Regardless of their reason, the common sentiment among LiveOps agents is that by taking control of their work life, they have been able to live the life they want and need. And that is the ultimate goal of flexible work.

LiveOps supports choice, freedom and entrepreneurship. It is for these reasons that LiveOps supports 1 Million for Work Flexibility. We have joined the movement to help communicate the need for organizations of all types to embrace flexibility as part of their culture and create work environments that make it possible for everyone to thrive, both in their careers and their lives. As the economy and the workplace continue to evolve, flexible work will become even more important. You’ll be seeing and reading more about 1 Million for Work Flexibility as LiveOps gets more involved and progress is made toward the goal of bringing the benefits of work flexibility to more organizations and people.

To learn more about 1 Million for Work Flexibility or to sign up and get involved, please visit: http://www.workflexibility.org.

To learn more about opportunities with LiveOps, please visit: http://join.liveops.com/.


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