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Looking Ahead to the New LiveOps Cloud Platform

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Change is in the air. This week, LiveOps Cloud Platform was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners and we couldn’t be more excited about what this means for you, our customers. This acquisition is the result of several months of work as we searched for the right partner that would help us improve our ability to… Read More »

The 21st Century Economy has Forever Changed Work—and Customer Service

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Connectivity. Flexibility. “Services” jobs over “goods producing” jobs. Supplemental work on your schedule. These are just some of the changes that have come to the working world. We are well into the 21st century economy and it is worlds away from the way work was done even one generation ago. Working remotely is normal, even… Read More »

How Can You Tell if Your Customer Service Agent is Working from Home?

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You’re having an issue with a pair of shoes you bought, and the store will no longer take them back—it’s after the return window. You spent a lot of money on them and they’ve been squeaky since you bought them, but you thought it would work itself out once you got them worn in. It… Read More »

Is Crowdsourcing the Future of Customer Service?


Crowdsourcing isn’t new. The overuse of the term itself is a recent development, but in truth, consumers have been sharing their opinions in public forums for years. Through social media pages, discussion boards, and third-party review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, people have formed communities of advice and support long before anyone knew there was… Read More »

It’s Customer Appreciation Week!

While this week may not be nationally recognized as Customer Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating over at LiveOps. In fact, every week is Customer Appreciation Week for us. Why? If you haven’t caught on by now, we are in the customer experience business. Yes, we are a contact center solutions provider, but for us, it is… Read More »

Back to the Basics: Customer Service 101


The job description for a contact center agent has certainly evolved over the last few years. Today’s agents are now wearing several hats –support, retention, lead generation and even brand ambassador. The question is whether juggling these roles has caused some agents to lose sight of what should be their number one goal – providing… Read More »

Upsell Series: 3 Tips for Inbound Call Center Upsell Results


LiveOps’ customers often ask me: how can I increase revenue from my inbound call centers? Or, more specifically, from my inbound phone campaigns? What they’re really asking is: Now that I’ve successfully marketed my primary product, generated good consumer response and am closing sales – what else can I do to increase my total revenue?… Read More »

Turning Contact Center Agents Into Lead Generators


Can you list the responsibilities of a contact center agent? Go ahead! Our comments section is begging for your input. If you said “handle account inquiries, customer complaints or support issues,” you wouldn’t be wrong. You also wouldn’t be entirely accurate, either. Contact center agents are also sales lead-generating machines! With the introduction of tools… Read More »