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LiveOps Announces 5,000 New Work-From-Home Opportunities!

LiveOps Agent 9.23.15

The LiveOps Agent Services business is experiencing tremendous growth, with existing customers increasing their use of LiveOps agents and 10 new major brands signing contracts for LiveOps Agent Services in the past few months. To support this new business we are kicking off our biggest drive ever to source 5,000 new independent, work-from-home agents this… Read More »

Those First 90 Days

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The first 90 days of any relationship are a test. A new job, a new baby, a new friendship, even a new business relationship. Whether it’s a new hire, a partnership or a new vendor, the first 90 days are very important, as they set the parameters and the tone for the relationship. Say you’re… Read More »

The 21st Century Economy has Forever Changed Work—and Customer Service

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Connectivity. Flexibility. “Services” jobs over “goods producing” jobs. Supplemental work on your schedule. These are just some of the changes that have come to the working world. We are well into the 21st century economy and it is worlds away from the way work was done even one generation ago. Working remotely is normal, even… Read More »

Service Should be the Differentiator—Not the Mascot

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When you think of insurance, what do you think of? A gecko? A cheery lady with a bouffant? A sonorous voice coming from an unlikely person when talking about his or her coverage? Most insurance companies do a good job getting their names out there and differentiating themselves with memorable mascots, slogans and representatives. A… Read More »

How Can You Tell if Your Customer Service Agent is Working from Home?

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You’re having an issue with a pair of shoes you bought, and the store will no longer take them back—it’s after the return window. You spent a lot of money on them and they’ve been squeaky since you bought them, but you thought it would work itself out once you got them worn in. It… Read More »

Your Kids Are Out of School For Summer. Now What?

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Ah, summertime. It’s filled with happy memories of care free days, swimming, eating popsicles and having fun. Those are childhood memories, of course. When you’re an adult, your summers don’t always follow that pattern. If you have children, your summers more likely involve making sure the kids have enough activities to keep them from being… Read More »

Red Nose Day a Rollicking Success

Tempe Office RedNose

The night of May 21 was filled with humor, awareness-raising, celebrities and, most of all, red noses! The inaugural Red Nose Day telethon in the U.S. raised more than $21 million to support children and young people living in poverty. It was an outstanding event with great results. LiveOps was proud to be a part… Read More »

Guide Your Agents to the Finish Line—and Beyond

Some people say that customers are the most important people to a brand. In many ways, I agree—but I think it can be said that agents are in the running as “most important people” to an organization. Agents are really the face of a brand. Whether in an in-person interaction, on the phone or online,… Read More »

LOL and Support Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day

Have you smiled today? Or laughed out loud (and not just abbreviated it but actually, physically, laughed out loud)? That may depend on whether or not you’ve seen someone wearing a red nose…and in the month of May, that person was more likely to be your teacher, boss or friend and less likely to be… Read More »

Manage Those Spikes for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

LiveOps Agent Services

How can you keep customers happy? It’s a difficult enough question to answer during periods of “normal” activity—and even more challenging during busy times, when activity spikes. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to accurately predict and staff to meet the exact needs of your brand at any given time? It’s pretty tough to… Read More »