AEGON Direct Marketing Services Inc.

Every human contact with the contact center matters more than ever before.

The Challenge

AEGON Direct Marketing Services Inc. (ADMS), a leading direct marketer of life and supplemental health insurance, found themselves struggling with the high cost of recruiting and training licensed agents while handling traffic spikes from direct marketing calls for life insurance. They needed to handle traffic spikes while ensuring an 80% call completion rate.

The Solution

With LiveOps Talent in the cloud, ADMS could break free from the resource constraints of traditional call centers that limited their insurance direct marketing efforts, realizing a 30% lift in conversion rates. Imagine the possibilities when you have no more fixed overhead costs or geographic boundaries?


Better skilled and engaged agents

LiveOps home agents are more educated and experienced than the traditional call center agent

Performance-based routing

improve conversion, upsell and cross-sell when calls are automatically routed to the highest-ranked agent

Faster deployment

get staffing instantly and provide immediate response to spikes in traffic

Reduced recruiting & training costs

get access to over 20,000 independent at-home agents from the LiveOps' Community — including over 600 licensed insurance agents

No geographic constraints

LiveOps is able to get the best talent without geographic limitations—and we’ve built a smarter and faster way to source them

Always-on reliability

LiveOps redundant infrastructure ensures no down time, ever

Real time monitoring

real-time performance analytics via weekly, daily, or hourly reports, as well as tools to adjust campaigns midstream to optimize revenue

We have the tools and data to understand what’s happening to sales in real time and adjust our marketing activities instantly to boost outcomes… as a result, we’ve already realized a 30 percent lift in our conversion rate…That’s powerful – and it’s why we foresee a successful, long-term relationship with LiveOps.

Lynn McKenna,
Sr. Vice President
AEGON Direct Marketing Services Inc.