LiveOps gives companies a 24/7, 360-degree ability to connect with their customers
faster, better, and more efficiently. Companies and brands can now engage in two-way, real-time interaction on the customer's channel of choice.

LiveOps Cloud Contact Center

Platform + Apps = Transforming customer service in the social enterprise

At the heart of everything is the LiveOps cloud contact center platform

LiveOps gives you cloud flexibility, intelligent multichannel routing, real-time reporting and interaction recording across every channel – voice, email, web chat, social (including Twitter and Facebook) and SMS – along with a customer interaction database that gives you a 360-degree view of the customer front and center. And all of it delivered to the highest cloud security standards.

Built on this platform and integrated in the same easy-to-use multichannel agent desktop is a comprehensive suite of LiveOps Applications™ developed to optimize your contact center performance and enhance your customer experience.