A funny thing happens when you care about customer service. It’s not just a department alongside marketing and sales. In the cloud-based enterprise, customer service is a pervasive mindset and focus that knows no geographical or departmental boundaries.

All About LiveOps

How ‘bout that? Turns out people pleasers finish first.

The story of LiveOps

We started 14+ years ago, motivated by the ability to use the Internet to intelligently route work to customer service agents anywhere, anytime. We created innovative technology that modernized customer service and paved the way for the next game-changing opportunity. Then-bam! The mobile revolution hit. The social revolution hit. The consumerization of the contact center hit. People were no longer just using mobile devices to be social with their friends and family. Mobile devices enabled them to tweet, chat and post customer service inquiries, complaints and compliments directly to brands publicly.

Marketing departments are crazy about these new outbound communication channels and promotional opportunities. Then customers started expecting a two-way conversation on social channels. But Marketing alone doesn’t have the skillset, time or knowledge to provide full customer engagement. The customer service contact center however, has the skillset, the time, the knowledge and the technology needed to respond and fully manage these customer relationships. LiveOps has successfully pivoted from being a talent service provider to a full –service provider of technology and talent to meet this new demand head on.

Enter the LiveOps Platform: changing customer service forever

In a world of piece-meal solutions, LiveOps set out to “answer the call” of modern day customer engagement. We cracked the code for enabling fast, smart communication – regardless of the incoming channel. Gone are the siloed channels of phone, email, chat, and social media. Gone is the church and state line between marketing and customer service. Finally, the right hand knows what the left hand is doing and everyone in your organization can truly deliver on the “how can I help?” promise.

With LiveOps, brands have a 24/7, 360-degree ability to connect with consumers faster, better and cost-effectively. Customers and brands finally have a two-way, real-time interaction on the consumer’s channel of choice whether it be traditional voice, email, chat, SMS, social or mobile.

How do we do it?

By leveraging our roots in customer service, continuing to lead the industry with our innovative technology and harnessing the benefits of the cloud. LiveOps is transforming customer interactions by leading the convergence of cloud, social and mobile in the contact center.

LiveOps sets the standard for cloud contact center scalability, reliability and CRM integration.

Ralf Riekers,
Global Support