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Benchmark Capital

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Founded in 1995, Benchmark Capital is an early-stage venture firm that's based on the principles of teamwork and an intense dedication to building technology companies of lasting value. We provide superior service to entrepreneurs through a unique, team-oriented partnership in which every full-time general partner is equal in terms of both contribution and compensation.

CMEA Capital

CMEA Capital provides capital and counseling to entrepreneurs and investors in the life sciences, information technology, and energy & material sectors. Through its combination of solid scientific credentials and seasoned management expertise, CMEA identifies, funds, and manages new businesses based on the emerging, interdisciplinary science required to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing global economy.

Menlo Ventures

At Menlo Ventures, we invest in entrepreneurs that Think Big. We seek passionate teams with big ideas that can disrupt existing industries or create entirely new markets. Our track record over the past 32 years of helping companies achieve market leadership through great strategy and great execution speaks for itself: over 300 companies, creating tens of billions of dollars in market value and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

August Capital

Founded in 1995, August Capital has funded an extraordinary group of entrepreneurs who have built significant, long-term value across the full range of information technologies. These companies represent an aggregate market capitalization of well over $250 billion, generate in excess of $75 billion in annual revenue around the world. This success is a testament to the entrepreneurs themselves, as well as the fundamental technologies they have created. The partners at August Capital were the earliest investors in a number of ground breaking technology companies, including Microsoft, Intuit, Seagate, Sun, Skype, Compaq, Symantec, Sybase, Atheros, Grand Junction, Splunk and many more. August Capital is located in Menlo Park, California.

LiveOps continues to focus on maximizing the potential of the cloud and leveraging the consumerism of customer service

Bill Gurley,
Benchmark Capital