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Welcome to the New School of Contact Centers: LiveOps.

What’s better than a smarter and higher performing agent? Thousands of smarter and higher performing agents. With 20,000 home-based professionals, LiveOps delivers the best talent when you need it most and all at a lower cost.

Think about it, the old school call center industry is mired with limitations like limited call handling, limited talent and limited technology. Why are most of these call centers in the middle of nowhere? Because the real estate is cheap and the workforce is cheaper.

LiveOps sources the best talent across the country. Sure, they have the potential to earn more than their in-office counterparts, but we don’t have all the overhead that comes with keeping the lights on in a giant cube farm. Agents work from their own comfortable home offices which means we’re geographically limitless. They have more experience, education and have a tenure that’s five times longer than the old school brick and mortar call center industry average. LiveOps agents love their schedule flexibility for the same reason we do: they work when we need them most and don’t when the call volume subsides. They also opt in to the programs they want to work on instead of being force-fed a product they don’t like or have a connection with. The result is a happier, higher performing agent that is ready to ramp up with your business needs.

Old school is great for your record collection, not so great for your business.

So welcome to the new school of contact centers: LiveOps.

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