Interactive Voice Response

Elevate your profit with positive experiences

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) presents an attractive option to lower your customer acquisition and inquiry costs. But if not done right, IVR can backfire and your profitability can take a beating. Many IVR solutions can turn off potential buyers with an impersonal, hard-to-use interface, resulting in dropped calls, lost revenue and additional customer service complaints.

That’s why LiveOps brings an industry-leading, customized approach to your IVR program. Our specialized experts create an optimal, end-to-end customer experience that engages and informs your callers – never confusing or frustrating them – to dramatically increase containment and improve conversion rates.

Plus, with our innovative cloud-based call center technology, we can seamlessly blend best-of-breed IVR technology with highly-talented live agents for your program, with tailored opt-out configurations for each campaign and ROI model to maximize revenue. Nearly any combination is possible with LiveOps. Take advantage of our IVR call center solutions to:

  • Outperform traditional IVR solutions by up to 30%.
  • Agent Assist allows the caller to speak to an agent if necessary.
  • Incorporate your branded campaign elements.
  • Retain your callers’ enthusiasm about your product.
  • Benefit from save the sale capabilities.
  • Gain performance insights to optimize campaign outcomes.

LiveOps industry-leading IVR capabilities speak to both your cost-saving and revenue building objectives. And most importantly, they speak to your customers in a way that delivers a professional, user-friendly experience. Your profits will skyrocket – and your head will be in the clouds.