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Welcome to the New School of Contact Centers

In your business, every customer touch point has the power to raise or lower your bottom line. That’s why at LiveOps, there is no such thing as “good enough.” Whether delivering your customer experience through phone, email, chat or social channels, we hold our scalable Agent Services solution to the absolute highest standards – and cost effectively keeping your business on the upswing.

It starts with our unmatched network of over 20,000 independent at-home agents – the largest U.S.-based virtual contact center workforce. That means your access to top talent is never limited by geography. Highly professional independent agents dedicate their entrepreneurial spirit, sales expertise and passion for customer care specifically to your program for the best results possible. Agents participate in a rigorous security and compliance certification, ongoing eLearning modules and campaign-specific certifications, so they’re perfectly equipped to get the most out of each customer interaction to enhance your brand and build your business. With LiveOps Agent Services, you can:

  • Dramatically scale services to capitalize on peak times and minimize cost during slower periods
  • Answer more than 98.5% of leads
  • Earn up to 33% more revenue per campaign
  • Achieve order values 15-34% higher than the industry average
  • Leverage real-time customer interaction insights and decision analytics to create better, faster outcomes

With over 60% of customer experience professionals looking to differentiate their firm on the basis of an exceptional customer experience - The benefits of our cloud-based Agent Services model are clear.

Solutions for all call types