LiveOps Authoring™

Design your end-to-end interaction flow -- quickly and easily

Design your end-to-end call flow

Now you don’t need weeks or months working with IT to make changes to your call routing and interaction flows. LiveOps Authoring saves you time and money by allowing you to design end-to-end interaction flows, including call greetings, information gathering, CRM and social web lookups, queuing, intelligent routing and post-call surveys.

The graphical drag-and-drop interface of LiveOps Authoring lets you easily define, manage, and optimize the entire caller and agent experience, from beginning to end.

Features & benefits

Powerful simplicity

Easy drag-and-drop interface lets you create complex call flows in just a few hours, without the assistance of IT or third parties

Data integration

Enrich the caller experience by integrating with your CRM, social media, or any RESTful web service

Customization flexibility

Enable business groups to customize aspects of their own callers’ experience

Fast deployment

Implement changes in minutes, with minimal training