LiveOps Engage™

See why new LiveOps Engage is the breakthrough, integrated agent desktop that gives your agents a better, faster way to engage with today's social and multichannel customers.
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Meet the New Faces of Customer Service. From "quick" to "responsive" to "knowledgeable," customer service has a new look that demands better and faster engagement from brands and their agents.
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What is LiveOps Engage?

LiveOps Engage is the new integrated agent desktop application that transforms how brands communicate with customers. This powerful cloud contact center application unifies interactions across social, mobile and traditional voice/text contact center channels. The unique, single-screen interface of LiveOps Engage provides a complete view of the customer and their interaction history across all channels “front and center” and in one place, and enables agents to engage faster and more effectively in whichever channel the customer prefers or requires in order to deliver the best customer experience.

Why do brands need LiveOps Engage?

Today, most contact center agents are not able to handle multichannel and social customer interactions quickly or efficiently. On average, they have to navigate through at least five different applications and spend more than a quarter of their time searching for the information they need in order to resolve a customer’s issue--which can result in both agent frustration and, subsequently, customer dissatisfaction.

With LiveOps Engage, brands now have a better and faster way to engage with today’s social and mobile consumers. LiveOps Engage presents a streamlined, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface that is built for the demands of multichannel customer service. Agents spend less time and need fewer clicks to handle interactions across multiple channels, and this improvement in productivity will undoubtedly lead to better customer experience.

How does LiveOps Engage improve how brands communicate with customers?

Most companies today are struggling to keep up with the exponential growth in social and multichannel customer interactions. LiveOps Engage transforms how brands communicate with customers. This powerful cloud-based contact center application technology unifies experiences across social, mobile and traditional voice/data channels.

Who should use LiveOps Engage?

LiveOps Engage is primarily designed for contact center agents who handle customer interactions in any or all of the following channels--voice, email, live chat, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. The easy-to-learn and easy-to-use integrated interface of LiveOps Engage enables these agents to communicate with customers quickly and seamlessly in one or many channels.

LiveOps Engage can also be used by Sales and Marketing teams to run outbound campaigns to generate or qualify leads. For example, Inside Sales teams can reach out to prospects in social channels or follow up on chat or email inquries with outbound phone calls, with all the interaction history captured in one place and on one screen. Or, Marketing can use LiveOps Engage to implement an outbound SMS campaign to target opt-in lists to generate awareness or drive lead conversion and loyalty. With basic CRM capabilities and integrated engagement channels built-in, LiveOps Engage is a versatile tool for handling both inbound and outbound multichannel customer interactions.

How is LiveOps Engage different from other agent desktop applications?

LiveOps Engage is the industry’s first cloud contact center application that brings together the social, mobile and traditional contact center channels within a single, integrated agent desktop. It enables the multichannel contact center agent to engage more quickly and efficiently with customers in whichever channel the customer prefers, or pivot seamlessly to the best channel to resolve the customer’s issue.

Our company handles social media comments through our marketing department. Why would we need LiveOps Engage?

Four out of five consumers surveyed by eMarketer already believe that social media is a primary outlet for customer service and are posting their complaints and compliments on these channels accordingly. Most of this valuable customer commentary goes unanswered, or if it is answered, it isn’t captured within the customer profiles leveraged by contact center agents. LiveOps Engage provides a complete view of the customer and their interaction history across all communications channels, all in one screen.

We receive many of the same types of customer inquiries. Does LiveOps Engage come with the ability to template responses to speed contact center agent replies?

Yes. Agents using LiveOps Engage can take advantage of customizable, pre-defined message templates to ensure faster responses and consistent quality in any channel.

I don’t use all of the customer communications channels that LiveOps Engage addresses. Do I have the option of using the application for just the channels that are part of our customer service strategy?

Of course! LiveOps Engage was built to be channel agnostic, with a consistent interface across all. Whether you choose one channel or all channels for your agents, the customer record is “front and center,” and the agent can respond just as quickly and easily in any channel with the same easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface.

When is LiveOps Engage available?

The product will be generally available in February 2013.

How much does LiveOps Engage cost?

LiveOps Engage will be available at no additional cost to LiveOps Platform users.

How do I get started with LiveOps Engage?

As a cloud-based application based on HTML5 technologies, LiveOps Engage requires no additional hardware or software, and works with any modern browser and platform (including Windows or Mac). Not only does this make it easy to implement, but the streamlined, modern interface requires minimal training to get your agents up and running quickly.

For current LiveOps Platform customers, LiveOps Engage will be available at no additional cost in February 2013. Please contact the LiveOps Customer Support Center (CSC) or your Sales representative to discuss the simple steps required to activate LiveOps Engage.

For prospective customers, LiveOps Engage will be included at no additional cost with your subscription of LiveOps Platform. Go to to view the available subscription plans, or click “Contact Sales” above to schedule a live demo.