Blending LiveOps Talent™ with automated technology to maximize sales

How much money are you losing with traditional IVR? 10%? 20%? Well, you might be losing more -- because LiveOps Intelligent IVR outperforms traditional IVR by up to 30%. That's easily the difference between rolling out a successful campaign quickly or seeing it fail too soon.

LiveOps brings industry leadership to the IVR by providing a full-service IVR solution that enables you to create an optimal, end-to-end customer experience that minimizes dropped calls and maximizes revenue. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, LiveOps delivers fully customizable solutions that seamlessly blend best-of-breed IVR technologies with industry-leading, independent at-home agent services. Nearly any combination is possible with LiveOps. With our innovative cloud-based contact center technology, we can develop the optimal solution blending IVR and live agents for your program, with opt-out configurations tailored specifically for each campaign and ROI model to maximize revenue.

Our customizable IVR solution can also integrate elements of your brand into the audio, making it an extension of your brand experience. In addition, LiveOps can recognize a troubled call and transfer it automatically to a live agent to save the sale. And we do it all at a cost-effective IVR rate.

Features and benefits

Blended IVR and live agent model

Deliver a better customer experience while increasing efficiency

State of the art voice XML and IVR telephony

Create powerful and flexible applications for your campaign

Flexible configuration designs

Include elements such as blind zero, pre-IVR messages, live-agent access, and user error detection

LiveOps sound studio

Utilize our in-house capability to produce tens of thousands of audio prompts, or leverage key personality or other branded audio assets

Call transcription

Increase call conversion with 24-hour call transcriptions and double-transcription auditing

Full reporting

Gain full transparency into performance and tweak campaigns to improve performance