Call Types

The industry’s only full-service, cloud call center outsourcing solution

LiveOps Talent handles a wide variety of customer interactions, including:

Customer Acquisition

LiveOps helps drive maximum revenue from every single customer interaction. Since 2000, we have proven to be the premier customer acquisition contact center for both inbound and outbound calls.

Inbound Contact Center

On the inbound side, LiveOps handles 60-80% of the calls for the top direct response programs. LiveOps leads the industry by answering the most carrier calls (we have the lowest busy-out in the industry), which is essential for maximizing customer acquisition. In addition, LiveOps:

  • Analyzes core demographic to help you choose the best potential offers
  • Continually tests and helps you optimize scripts for each call type and customer segment
  • Ensures that only the best, fully certified independent agents handle your calls
  • Provides the cloud platform, applications and talent that support best practices for every contact center function

Outbound Contact Center

On the outbound side, the independent at-home agents handling outbound lead generation are highly skilled at conducting both simple information gathering campaigns to help you complete your database information, or conducting in-depth information gathering calls to further qualify sales leads, and identifying new opportunities with existing customers.

LiveOps Talent can help you reach out and deliver new offers to existing customers and create new opportunities with potential customers. Our network of independent at-home agents can proactively pitch new offers, custom-tailored products and services, and also conduct satisfaction surveys that help you better understand your customers and target your offers. These independent agents can also breathe new life into lost opportunities by following up with offers tailored to eliminate barriers, overcome objections and close the sale.

Customer Retention

It’s increasingly difficult to retain customers today. A simple change in service offerings or a compelling competitor ad can prompt customers to cancel their purchase. And when this happens, it is critical that the agent taking the call be both empathetic and highly skilled in helping you keep that caller as a customer.

LiveOps independent at-home agents are particularly well suited for customer retention calls. Approximately 80% have previous sales experience and use the skills they've acquired over many years to successfully reduce customer attrition. They are also distinguished by their ability to connect with every caller; your customers will never feel like they are being given a hard sell or their concerns are not being taken seriously. Rather, by using their in-depth understanding of your products, many of which they themselves have used, services, and customers, they will use effective strategies to turn defecting customers around.


Fundraising is a tough job. It requires an outsourcing partner who can help ensure the success of your fundraising campaigns, represent your organization professionally and with genuine enthusiasm, and treat your cause with respect.

LiveOps understands your challenges and is uniquely suited to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend on your fundraising efforts. LiveOps Talent can quickly create a community of independent agents that share an affinity with your effort, increasing their likelihood of convincing a caller to contribute to your cause. And we can support all of your fundraising needs, including:

  • Charitable contribution collections contact center
  • Religious fundraising
  • Pledge drives and telethons

The LiveOps Platform provides complete security for all of your fundraising calls. We are Level 1 PCI compliant, and our patent-pending Secure Exchange technology allows us to securely capture sensitive data in a cloud contact center environment.

Disaster Recovery

LiveOps disaster recovery/incident response services help ensure an uninterrupted line of communication with your customers – even under the most challenging of circumstances. LiveOps delivers the the cloud contact center platform, infrastructure bandwidth, and cloud talent community you need to :

  • Protect customer confidence and your company brand
  • Manage a temporary spike in the volume of customer calls
  • Expedite set-up
  • Streamline crisis management
  • Avoid permanent investment for temporary capacity requirements
  • Avoid disruption to normal contact center operations

You can also use LiveOps Talent to maintain a pool of independent agents with up-to-date certification on your company and products so that they are ready to be mobilized at a moment's notice.

Customer Service

The LiveOps Talent community of independent at-home agents are highly skilled in handling a variety of customer service calls across a wide range of industries. And because we have a network of over 20,000 experienced independent at-home agents, we can instantly identify agents with just the right background to handle your calls efficiently and effectively while improving service quality. Leveraging our award-winning distance learning, the independent agents maintain an in-depth understanding of your company, products, and solutions to ensure complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in service quality.

With LiveOps, you can trust that each customer calling in receives the personalized service they deserve. Whether they are fielding questions from new customers about setting their password or taking calls from tourists wondering what time their cruise ship embarks, every independent agent is incented to use every call to strengthen your customer relationships.