Revenue Maximization

Increase your campaign revenue with partner offers

With LiveOps, you can provide even more value to your customers through partnership marketing offers. The LiveOps team sources and optimizes third-party marketing offers that match your goals. The incremental revenue from these offers can also help offset your telemarketing expenses by 10-50%. The offers have broad market appeal and can be tailored to your brand. LiveOps independent at-home agents read these offers millions of times per year and have the highest conversion rate and quality scores in the industry.

For all upsell sales, LiveOps Talent combines the most flexible cloud contact center technology, the most experienced and motivated certified independent agents, and the best practices to successfully deliver the right offer to the right caller to take advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity.

Features and benefits

Offer sourcing and matching

LiveOps will analyze core demographics to help you identify new audiences for your programs and the best potential offers

Powerful reporting and analytics

Quickly identify root causes across selected call centers, agents, scripts, offers and other program-specific criteria

Testing and optimization

Analyze performance of scripts for each call type and customer segment to improve conversion rates

Call monitoring and feedback

Audit calls in real time and provide feedback tools that enable scripts and offers to be modified on the fly