Specialized Agents

Deliver superior customer experience with the right agent

Sometimes, you need to have very specific kinds of independent agents in order to have a successful campaign — especially for soft-sell campaigns. LiveOps Talent can quickly organize highly specialized independent agent communities with superior salesmanship skills to effectively represent your brand while driving revenue through increased call handling, average order value, and conversion.

With the LiveOps Talent community of 20,000 independent at-home agents, we can hold a virtual casting call to create a specialized group that can also scale to meet your needs. Common examples of specialized groups include:

  • Spanish speaking independent agents
  • Licensed insurance independent agents
  • Commissioned, "premium" independent agents
  • Independent agents with medical sales experience or licensed medical professionals
  • Independent agents who are current or past users of your products or services
  • Independent agents with a particular religious affiliation
  • Independent agents with a southern or other type of accent

Specialized agents available

Spanish-speaking independent agents

Licensed insurance
Independent agents licensed across all 50 states

Premium agents who are sales experts

Medical sales experience or licensed medical professionals

Choose from a number of religious affiliations

Independent agents with Southern or other accents

Current or past users of specific products or services