Own less, but command more with cloud computing

The benefits of cloud computing: almost too plentiful to list.

Historically, deploying mission-critical software required that you purchase software licenses from a vendor, install the software locally on employee PCs or servers, and retain on-site IT resources to maintain it. Infrastructure costs, facilities costs, labor costs and maintenance costs, add up quickly as IT staff perform upgrades and patches, maintain security and servers, ensure redundancy and uptime, back up data, and more. And don’t forget — as your business grows, you need to purchase additional licenses for new users, and potentially even more infrastructure, which drives up costs further.

Cloud computing radically simplifies how you deploy, maintain, and access software, platforms, and infrastructure — because everything you need is available through the Internet as a service, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS). Looking ahead, analysts see this as a long-running trend where all types of business services will be virtualized, enabling massive interoperability and the potential for huge cost savings.

Get on-demand service with cloud computing

Service providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and salesforce.com make their infrastructure, platform, and applications available to customers through a Web browser. Cloud computing combines the scalability of distributed grid computing with mission-critical availability and security for your piece of mind. Think of the cloud as loosely coupled business services running on an agile, scalable infrastructure – always on and ready when you need them.

Most cloud computing service providers offer a pay-per-use subscription model, so you only pay for what you use. There’s no up-front capital investment needed, and most importantly, it can be deployed instantly. The providers take care of all maintenance and upgrade-related issues for you (which can save you a bundle). And scalability? It’s virtually unlimited. As business needs change, you can instantly scale up or down to meet demand.

Thousands of customers of salesforce.com and Google already get it: cloud computing is simply the fastest way to generate high value from IT infrastructure, platforms, and software — all delivered as a service. It’s the future of computing.

LiveOps: a proven "cloud contact center"

For contact centers, traditional approaches to software and infrastructure deployments have severely curtailed their flexibility to adjust contact center infrastructure capacity to match their ever fluctuating call volumes. Purchasing and deploying new licenses to meet sporadic, short-term needs is impractical from a time, cost, and resource perspective – and you end up paying for excess capacity.

That’s why the LiveOps Platform is the cloud contact center choice.  Our solution gives you all the benefits of an enterprise-grade solution with instant scalability and rapid deployment in a pay-per-use model with no up-front capital cost.

We built the LiveOps Contact Center Cloud Platform from the ground up for always-on availability and proven security, delivering 99.99% availability and a multi-layer security infrastructure that has passed the most stringent financial services security standards, including PCI Level 1 compliance. As a result, we have developed a contact center platform that meets the most stringent scalability, availability, and security standards of large enterprises.

The LiveOps platform also provides business users with real-time visibility and control across remote and traditional contact centers – enabling you to make rapid changes (for example, to call routing) to drive better business results. And once deployed, you can use the platform to support a “contact center workforce in the cloud” using home-based agents. As noted in a recent DataMonitor report, by virtualizing your contact center platform, IT maintenance and support, and agent workforce, you can reduce up to 92% of your operational costs.

Why wait? Realize the benefits of cloud computing today with LiveOps.