Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week 2018 - Liveops, Inc. celebrates Customer Service Appreciation Week 2018
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A quick message to say thank you to the amazing Liveops customer service agents

Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week 2018

Where would we be without customer service?

First, what is customer service week?

Customer service week is a nationally recognized week-long celebration of the many aspects of customer service.

At Liveops, everything we do revolves around customer service with our agents being the heart and soul of our business. I do my best to remember that in my role every day but love the excuse to take a week to share that with many others.

To me, this week is all about showing our gratitude for the agents out there who do such a wonderful job helping customers overcome obstacles, navigate complex situations, and make confident choices. Let’s celebrate your hard work and passion for helping others!

A quick message to Liveops Nation:

Greg Hanover

Greg Hanover

Greg Hanover is CEO of Liveops. With more than a decade of experience in the BPO call center industry, Greg specializes in operations and innovative solutions for customers in retail, finance, insurance, telecom and healthcare.