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How flex agents adapt to customer service spikes

Liveops’ flexible, on-demand workforce of domestic customer service and sales agents seamlessly adapt to spikes in customer demand. Whether driven by seasonal promotions, product launches, media campaigns or cyclical business needs, Liveops ensures customer needs are met without the wasted costs and idle time associated with over-staffing a traditional brick-and-mortar call center.

Why can’t traditional call centers handle a surge in calls?

Traditional brick-and-mortar call centers are relatively inflexible, bound by constraints such as their building size (number of seats in the center), local available workforce, and employee shifts. But customer demand doesn’t come in tidy, eight-hour shifts, and customer calls can surge due to seasonal demands, time of day, promotions, or unexpected events.

While over-staffing to meet demand spikes often results in wasted money spent on time when agents sit idle, under-staffing can harm your brand and loyalty when customers are stuck in long hold queues.

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