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Remote Life Tips

Many of us are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Liveops, many of our employees and agents work remotely year-round, so we asked them some of their favorite tips! 

Keep your routine.

Set your alarm, get up, and get dressed. Do your meal prep like you usually would. Getting ready starts your day on the right foot.


When working from home, you miss out on the walk to/from your car, or the two flights of stairs you climb to your office. Make time to stand up every hour, go outside to get some fresh air, or go for a walk to the mailbox. A little change of scenery can help jumpstart your creativity.


It’s easy to become isolated when working remotely (and certainly so while in quarantine!). Fortunately, there are many tools available that allow you to connect with your coworkers virtually. Utilize messaging and video software to hold regular meetings with your teams. When in doubt, over-communication is better.

Eat well.

When you’re sitting at home, that box of homemade cookies tends to call your name. Many times when I stand up from our desk (see tip #2), my feet lead me to the refrigerator, where I stand aimlessly with the door open. Meal planning and prepping meals every day can help keep eating routines on schedule. Keep healthier snacks in front of the less-than-healthy ones, so you are inclined to grab those first.

Pay attention to your mental health.

Make sure are connecting with coworkers, family, and friends. Pick up journaling or meditation. Find a new hobby that allows you to turn work off and focus on you.

Take advantage of resources.

 During the COVID-19 crisis, there are many free resources available. From entertainment to business support, this site includes something for everyone!

For remote workers with children at home, these tips are parent-approved! 

  • Heads Up. Provide your kids 15-30 minutes to “get ready” for an activity before you step into a meeting or time that you need to be undisturbed. This lead time provides a buffer so they can ask questions ahead of their activity.
  • Quiet Alert. Have a light outside your office. When the light is on, it means quiet time!
  • Kids love schedules. Outlining times to commit to schoolwork, fun, and snacks will help them stay on track while at home.
  • Creative Dwellings. Don’t underestimate the power of a homemade fort! Not only fun to build, a fort can be a nice quiet place for kids to keep themselves occupied.
  • Additional Resources! During the COVID-19 crisis, there are several resources available. These are some of our favorites:

We understand this time is challenging for many people. If you’re looking for opportunities to work remotely in this uncertain time, learn about becoming a Liveops agent


Malori Heppler

Malori Heppler is the marketing manager at Liveops, focused on bringing helpful industry insights to light through thought leadership and partner communications.