Omnichannel Customer Experience

As you build response channels for meeting customers where they are, consistency is key. Liveops provides a seamless end-to-end experience through a scalable virtual model with agents who are trained to represent your brand and deliver excellent service across all contact touchpoints.

Call handling

There comes a point in time when a customer picks up their phone and wants to speak with a human. Sometimes out of convenience or out of need for human connection and problem-solving. Liveops agents are there to answer your calls and help customers when they need it most!

Chat support

Liveops agents are trained to capture your brand’s tone and voice and use it in instantaneous written communication. This is an essential part of delivering a cohesive, recognizable experience with your customers through conversation.

Email response

Liveops email support agents are strong written communicators and natural researchers who take the time to fully understand a customer’s message and work behind the scenes to provide the absolute best information or solution via email.

Social media

Often, social media is where your brand takes human form with your customers—it’s also where customers know they have a louder voice. Liveops agents understand the importance of timely, thoughtful responses in one-to-one interaction while the world is watching.

Knowledge base

From the very start, Liveops works with your business to analyze your customers’ needs. What we identify as needs on a service level can also apply to materials your customers can refer to as a self-service method of learning more about your products or services in a knowledge base library.

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