Liveops strives to instill excellence in every program. We go to great lengths to stay attuned to your business needs and leverage best practices and processes, often pioneered by us, to sustain performance.

Workforce management

Liveops helps improve the accuracy of your forecasting by leveraging a combination of historical call volume, seasonal trends, media spends or promotional information to develop a forecast for every half-hour block of the day. Our distributed model is able to easily support a 24x7 schedule, meet non-standard schedule demands, accommodate last-minute schedule changes, and scale aggressively to support call volume spikes and unexpected activity.

Quality management

Liveops offers a flexible quality monitoring service that listens and scores for accuracy, tone, clarity, preparedness and any other criteria that is important to you. Each agent is ranked in real-time by their performance against this criteria, and is rewarded for their performance with more calls. You have complete visibility with access to data on all calls.

Program management

Liveops takes a partnership approach with all of our clients. Our client services and community teams have adopted best practices in managing clients and our virtual community of agents. Our goal is to ensure expectations and requirements are clearly communicated and all aspects of your program are a success.

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