Secure Workforce Ops™

Delivering exceptional customer experience starts with security.

At Liveops, security is more than a concept, it is a core part of our culture! From each agent's work environment to our vendors, the security of your customers and data is guarded and protected with Liveops.

Paul Leavens, CISSP

SVP of Security at Liveops

Securing remote work from the start

We’ve pioneered the remote workforce for more than 18 years. Since day one, we understood that activating a pool of highly skilled, distributed agents would only be possible if we could provide seamless and uncompromising security.

Eyes & Ears on Agent Interactions
Liveops ensures quality, safety and security are part of every moment of contact with your customers and data through a mix of human and technological assurance methods.
Digital Environment Defense
Liveops has a strict, no-nonsense policy for device usage. Our proprietary technology scales to meet clients’ unique needs including limiting connected agents from downloading, taking screenshots, or capturing data.
24x7 Data Protection
At Liveops, we take our clients’ data as seriously as our own. We ensure your corporate and consumer data is safe with us at all times from day one.
Fully-Compliant Facilities, Networks and Systems
When you work with Liveops, your data is safe within our robust security architecture based upon the federal NIST standards.

How we do it: Secure Workforce Ops™

For decades, companies have trusted their most sensitive information to Liveops and its agents. We don’t take this lightly. We have made it our responsibility to take the countless (millions) of hours of learning and testing live in the field to develop our Secure Workforce Ops™, which provides a proactive and comprehensive approach to security that is impossible to replicate in the industry.