Talent Acquisition

Our ability to attract highly qualified, educated, and articulate agents with our flexible home-based model ensures that you benefit through an agent pool that represents your brand in an impressive and credible manner.


Liveops sources across the US to identify pools of talent that best fit your needs. We can source from thousands of agents across the Liveops Nation, or externally with a dedicated website that enables us to source new agents.


Each week, over 2,500 new agents apply to Liveops. Agents are led through a process to review and select openings, identify skills, and certify before being transitioned to a program team. Throughout the journey facilitators are available to answer questions.


Liveops has built its entire model around work at home, attracting a different type of candidate. Since we’re not bound by geographic limitations, we’re able to attract highly qualified, educated and articulate agents with specialized skills including insurance licensure, HIPAA compliance, or technology, to name a few.

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