LiveOps Green

Reducing the carbon footprint

At LiveOps, "Make a Difference" is a core value and is best exemplified in the way our technology and services fundamentally change the way people work in more sustainable and reasonable ways for our global environment.

For our customers, LiveOps offers a cloud contact center that enable them to adopt greener business practices while achieving better operation efficiencies and ultimately better ROI.

Cloud contact center technology and best practices: let your call center "leave the building"

The U.S. Green Building Council has reported that offices consume 70% of the electricity load in the United States. For companies that recognize they can help reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions by allowing their employees to work from home, LiveOps Platform enables them to let their call center teams "leave the building" while still providing a secure, scalable and highly available infrastructure to connect remote employees to the applications and services required to effectively do their job.

By adopting LiveOps Platform, not only is office space expense reduced and fuel conserved (as well as reduced wear and tear on the vehicle and the road), but time is saved. Just think about it: a 40-minute commute equates to eight working weeks per year. How would that impact your bottom line?

LiveOps cloud contact center - good for the environment and your business

With the LiveOps Platform, LiveOps runs the world’s largest cloud contact center. We have the ability to connect businesses with a skilled and trained remote agent community that delivers unprecedented results from their home offices.

The LiveOps community of more than 20,000 independent, home agents save approximately 1.6 million gallons of gas a year, and reduce greenhouse gases (CO2) by 14 million metric tons using the work-from-home model.

To learn more about how LiveOps can be your partner for creating a more “green” business,
please contact us.

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