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Direct response solutions powered by cloud-based workforces

A proven track record in direct response.

With a deft mix of selling skills, scale and online workforce management, we optimize every call offered for maximum media efficiency ratio (MER). In head-to-head vendor tests, Liveops regularly wins—with demonstrably higher conversion rates, higher average order value, and greater revenue per call offered. Simply put, we’re a conversion machine.

Direct response television has evolved.

Evolution is a good thing. One-off, product-centric companies are now building real brands as DRTV campaigns drive to retail shelves faster than ever before. This means customers’ needs are evolving as well. Liveops is in tune with shoppers who are not only more demanding and discerning, but also more vocal about their experiences.

Customer service as a profit center.

Customer service doesn’t have to be a cost center. We fill our direct response customer service teams with agents who love to help and love to sell.

When your customer calls with a product issue, we’ll fix it and then pitch them the upsell they missed the first time around. If you’re serious about building a brand that your customers will value and return to, give them the friendly and knowledgeable voice of your brand.

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