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A hotline to skilled health care talent.

The traditional call center space has eroded over the last decade to the point where apathy is the expectation—as well as bad hold music. Where is the amazing service your patients need and deserve? Do those agents exist?

They do. We source former health care workers and educators who provide expertise and empathy. You won’t find this enterprise-grade talent in a stodgy cubicle-filled call center—they’re only willing to work on their own terms, in a flexible environment. That’s why only Liveops offers access to top health care call center talent.

Empathy comes from a foundation of compassion and knowledge.

You can’t train for compassion. You must start with it. That’s why we refer to the people who reach out for help as patients, not callers. And our calling is to help them.

Our agents have the education, skills, and background for this call type. After all, these can be difficult interactions. Patients have questions about their coverage, how to administer their drug, and if their home care worker is coming to help today.

A bedrock of security and compliance.

Liveops is deeply invested in understanding the complexities of the health care industry to provide enterprise-grade service. We know security, confidentiality, and compliance come first.

Agents go through rigorous HIPAA certification and operate in a Level 1 PCI DSS certified environment. These elements are the foundation that allows our agents to then focus on what’s paramount: helping your patient.

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