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Federal Government

Improving the service process in the public sector

Liveops helps government agencies achieve their stated missions by leveraging a virtual workforce of on-demand agents with experience in the government and public sector, to deliver superior citizen service.

Award-winning certification

Get fully certified agents solely dedicated to keeping your customers happy and promoting your mission

Proven approach to security

Privacy and security are a top priority with annual audits for HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1, and NIST.

Quality management

Full visibility to supervise interactions, review real-time analytics, audit calls and actively coach agents

Flex up and down with demand

Flex to scale for urgent needs. We can mobilize to scale capacity with as little as two hours’ notice

Self-motivated, highly skilled workforce

With experience in the public sector and government, our agents offer greater support to your callers

Commitment to our country

Liveops is committed to ensuring that our nation’s heroes successfully re-enter the civilian workforce

Real customers. Real results.

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