Roadside Assistance

Get your customers back on cruise control

Liveops offers providers of roadside assistance an on-demand workforce of onshore home-based agents ready to help with logistics, payment support, information collection, and much more.

Unmatched scalability

Liveops can flex to match your needs—providing the scale necessary to ramp up to meet demand, then ramp back down to control costs.

Exceptional customer service

Liveops starts with sourcing the right agents, handpicked for reliability and experience in roadside assistance.

Control cost & maximize value

Build trust with drivers from the first contact. Our agents help build your business by articulating the value of the service you provide.

Liveops agents bring relief back to the road.

  • Achieve CSAT and NPS goals 50-70% faster
  • Resolve driver reports more efficiently
  • Problem solve with calmness & confidence
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