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Insurance solutions powered by cloud-based workforces

Evolve from transactional to transformational experiences with cloud-based agents.

Aside from the day they bought their policy, chances are you won’t hear much from your customers until something bad happens.

When customers experience a loss and call you, we’re here to do more than just answer the phone—we’re here to help your valued customers get through a very tough situation. It’s the difference between just dealing with a problem and truly caring for a person. It’s a mindset that makes all the difference.

Liveops online claims agents are certified to help with activities including policy set-up and changes, outbound lead generation, payment support, roadside assistance, accident information collection, and much, much more. We ensure that your customer feels confident that your brand will take care of them and has their best interests in mind. The result is more renewals, higher CSATs, and happier customers.

Subject matter experts when you need them.

Our sales and claims agents have substantive and relevant insurance industry experience. Many were top producers as full time in-house agents for major insurance carriers. Others come to us skilled at dispatch or claims. These agents wouldn’t step foot in a traditional call center—they’re too good.

Be prepared when volume spikes.

Steady volume in our world is simply the calm before the storm. When a tropical storm slams the east coast and calls more than double, only Liveops’ burst capacity can handle the claims downpour. Our cloud-based agents can mobilize to massively scale call-taking capacity with as little as two hours’ notice and be there for your customers in their most dire time of need.

Lock down customer information.

We take protecting your customer’s information seriously. Liveops leverages an industry-leading security platform with Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, data transfer and storage encryption, secure exchange and operational controls.

It’s the people who make the difference.

Data continually feeds into our system in real time. It’s the optic nerve for daily operations. But data is nothing if insight isn’t gleaned. That’s where our program management teams come in—they audit, analyze, and advise you on how to adapt and optimize, always fine-tuning your program.

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