Don’t use the same call center workforce and expect different results.

The best customer care talent thinks about work differently.

Call centers annually report attrition as their number one challenge, but continue to spend time and money attempting to optimize existing talent through technology and process. Companies are missing out on a larger opportunity: upgrading that talent in the first place. The most skilled agents no longer adhere to a traditional schedule: they value flexibility (remote workers have 50% less attrition, per Stanford University), while enterprises receive experience and longevity.

How enterprises can leverage this opportunity:

The way call centers find and retain talent hasn’t changed – but the workforce has. Connect your customer with a higher-skilled agent profile: one with experience in your industry, who’s accountable for results, and available when you need them. See the infographic for more detail, or download the 2018 CCW Special Report on Remote Agents and learn about this growing trend.

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Don’t just optimize your call center talent. Upgrade it.

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