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Telecom solutions powered by cloud-based workforces

Grow loyalty in a competitive marketplace.

Telecom operators face increasing challenges in the cloud era with customers demanding access to high-speed, unlimited data—delivered on any device, anywhere, anytime. It’s viewed as a fundamental human right.

Liveops helps set you apart from other wireless, wireline, and cable operators by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Skilled talent becomes your greatest growth opportunity.

Where is the amazing service your customers need and deserve? It won’t be found in an uninspired cube-farm call center. Liveops’ free-range virtual agents bring a great attitude and energy to customer engagements, and they’re incentivized to achieve your brand objectives.

When your customer calls with an issue, we’ll not only fix it, we’ll also pitch them the upsell that they passed on in a previous call. When done right, customer loyalty skyrockets after these save-the-sale interactions

Unprecedented visibility with real-time performance data.

Liveops provides a fully integrated solution with immediate reporting to track and measure agent performance instantly. It also allows rapid changes to call handling and call-routing operations. We create customized reports to help you fine-tune and improve results so you can acquire new customers and expand service to existing customers.

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