Use Cases

Learning-as-a-Service solutions

Provide ongoing skill development for your flexible workforce and distributed full-time employees.

As you look to leverage highly skilled, flexible workforces as well as your own distributed full-time employees, it's important to provide ongoing skill development. Liveops can help. Leveraging our experience creating award-winning learning content, Liveops delivers a fresh approach to skill development with Skill Builder, a customizable distance learning and development solution. It equips your workforce with tools and process knowledge and soft-skills development, delivered as a service. We'll work with you to define a curriculum offering in conjunction with your business needs. Then we'll create instructional content and work closely with you to determine the best delivery method to present the curriculum to your workers—eLearning, facilitator and student guides, videos, and much more. Plus, you can host all Skill Builder content in the Liveops LMS (learning management system) or host it in your own LMS. Liveops will also perform train-the-trainer sessions as well as update content to address changes based on your needs. With Skill Builder, you can deliver on-demand learning from anywhere, anytime. In fact, we can scale to thousands of learners, even when they are distributed around the country. We will help you improve onboarding and skill development, making it easier to deliver much-needed instruction to learners, regardless of location. By providing you with exceptional learning content, delivered to your learners in a way they will retain the material and better apply the skills they've learned, your workforce will learn faster, improve performance, and gain confidence to apply their skills.

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