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Inbound Call Center Solutions

Improve your performance with Liveops cloud-based agents.

Liveops leads the industry in inbound sales calls, handling 70% of all calls to the top direct marketing retailers in the United States. Our agents are instrumental in building these brands, achieving maximum revenue from every single customer interaction. It’s our mission to optimize your media investment by providing inbound call center solutions that deliver the highest possible revenue for your campaign. How do we do it? We think beyond geographic boundaries to source the largest population of high-performing agents in the U.S. and offer a certification program to help them fully understand your brand and product offering through an award-winning eLearning platform. Our trusted inbound call center solutions also leverage key technology tools such as Performance-Based Routing, so the top-performing agents on your programs get more calls. By aligning our agents' incentives with your goals, each agent who answers the call will be invested in your business objectives. What's more, you won't be paying call centers for idle time. With 20,000 U.S.-based, independent work-from-home agents, our customers benefit from higher conversion rates, higher revenue per order, longer continuity cycles and a customer experience that leaves callers feeling great about their purchase.

Liveops inbound call center solutions include:

  • Customer acquisition maximization through highest carrier call answer rate and lowest busy-out in the industry
  • Custom certification courses to prepare independent agents to handle your calls
  • Call routing optimization for leveraging top performers.
  • Analysis of your core demographic to help you choose the best potential offers.
  • Continuous A/B testing and script optimization for each call type and customer segment.
  • Dedicated account team
  • Insights into sales campaign performance to maximize revenue potential.
  • Increase sales conversion up to 70%.
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