Use Cases

Lead generation call center services

Go above and beyond information gathering.

The key to successful lead generation programs is getting the highest integrity leads at the quickest pace for the lowest cost possible.

Liveops’ 20,000 U.S.-based independent call center agents are ready for this challenge. For your program, we’ll specifically select agents who are most adept at lead generation and who can identify with your demographic.

They make the effort not only to gather accurate qualifying information efficiently, but also to create a positive caller experience. That means callers feel more comfortable sharing their personal details, they are excited about your product, and more confident in your brand.

Plus, using best-in-breed contact center technology, agents can seamlessly integrate directly with your CRM to deliver leads to your team in real-time. That translates to improved conversion rates.

Liveops Lead Generation Solutions deliver superior care and efficiency you can count on to help your sales engine achieve top-tier performance:

  • Order values that are 15-34% higher than the industry average.
  • Improved speed-to-lead through batched and real-time lead delivery.
  • Reduced cost per call, with no call center overhead or idle time waste.
  • Higher lead accuracy and integrity rates.

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