Better Agent Experience (BAX) = Better Customer Experience (BCX) = Better Customer Lifetime Value (BCLTV)™


The formula for customer success

Looking to improve your customer lifetime value? According to new research studies that LiveOps conducted, the place to start is with your agent experience.

Today's social and multichannel-savvy customers have made it even more challenging for contact center agents to deliver a quality experience across all channels with the inefficient tools they have today. However, with an integrated multichannel agent desktop, not only does your agent productivity and "happiness" go up, but that translates directly to a better customer experience and ultimately higher customer lifetime value.

Happy agents = happy customers

Agent happiness is heavily influenced by their ability to perform their jobs well. Agents get frustrated when technology is either difficult to use or there are many steps involved. Commonly referred to as "alt-tab hell," agents find constant toggling between multiple screens or applications and having to remember multiple log-in passwords the leading cause for lower productivity, frustration and subsequent attrition.

92% of consumers

report that a customer service agent's perceived "happiness" has an impact on their customer experience with the brand

50% increase in productivity

estimated by agents if they could utilize an integrated agent desktop that includes social and mobile channels

66% of consumers

agree that their experience with a brand's customer service agents has a major impact on their impression with the brand overall

Up to $570,000 annually

estimated agent productivity savings associated with an integrated multichannel desktop

Integrating social channels is a requirement

The proliferation of social media and mobile devices are enabling customers to communicate with brands more often on social and mobile channels. As brands have been slow to adopt social and mobile channels beyond the Marketing Department, LiveOps Research determined that this slow adoption rate is likely impacting the quality of customer service provided.

Over $3 million

increased customer lifetime value that can result from proactive handling of social, mobile and traditional channels via an integrated desktop

85% of consumers

feel that how a brand handles issues on their website or on social channels, like Facebook or Twitter, is a good indicator of their customer satisfaction and the quality of their support

34% of consumers

are most likely to post a complaint or criticism about brand on social media

50% of Gen X (71% of Gen Y)

have used social and mobile channels to communicate with a brand recently

Most brands fail to provide consistent service

According to Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, the idea of universal agent and universal queue is consistent with the design of most multichannel desktops: to enable agents the ability to work across multiple channels as desired by the customer. But the lack of a fully integrated multichannel desktop or the inability for the agent to use multiple channels can contribute to an increase in the number of times a customer attempts to resolve a single issue.

89 % of consumers

believe it is important to be able to communicate with brands on any channel and still receive the same quality and efficiency of response

61% of social media users

feel that brands do not effectively communicate with them in these channels

Most prefer live agent service, regardless of channel

Consumers like 'live' channels primarily because of the perceived immediacy to have problems/issues resolved. But with this comes high expectations for response time.

90% of consumers

value the ability to communicate with a live person on the any channel - voice, email, chat, SMS or social

85% of consumers

using phone and live online chat expect responses within the hour

About LiveOps Research

This combined research commissioned by LiveOps with Harris Interactive and Dr. Petouhoff was conducted over a span of four months. With Harris Interactive, 1,255 consumer respondents aged 18 years or older were surveyed. LiveOps delved into the latest trends in how consumers engage with brands using social and multichannel communications methods.

Visiting contact centers operated by three different companies, Dr. Petouhoff interviewed agents and supervisors about the desktops and processes they have in place to provide customer service. In-depth time-motion studies were performed to quantify the impact of an integrated multichannel with social desktop on: agent experience, agent productivity, and the business bottom line as measured by customer loyalty and customer lifetime value. The contact centers that were visited are operated by a $60M private company that provides a subscription-based online service; a $700M+ publicly traded consumer goods company; and a $31B publically traded, technical services provider. None of the contact centers involved in the research with Dr. Petouhoff were LiveOps customers when the research was conducted.

"The agents denied access to interacting with customers via integrated social channels reported customers canceling orders and/or discontinuing doing business with that brand as a result of negative comments read about the brand or product on social media."

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff,
Social Business Builders