Customer-centric agents for superior financial services CX

Flexible financial services agents help you build and retain loyal customers.

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Turn your customer touchpoints from transactional to trust-building

Our experienced, knowledgeable agents walk customers through each step of their financial picture. Our virtual customer service agents for financial services understand sensitive nature of customer calls when it comes to their money and have what it takes to instill confidence in your institution.

Financial Services sectors

Turn logistics into loyalty. There are few things in life that invoke fear quite like an issue with a bank or credit account, but they happen. When customers call to straighten things out, Liveops agents are able to calmly problem solve and find resolutions based on their past professional/life experience as well as their stress-free and secure surroundings.

Empower your customers. Making financial decisions usually comes with a heavy pressure—after all, their livelihood often depends on it to a certain degree. Liveops virtual customer service agents for financial services have the life experience and empathy to help buyers feel heard, informed, and empowered while resolving questions.

Set the bar higher for customers’ expectations. Be known as a go-to resource by expanding your availability of knowledgeable agents. Liveops home-based agents go above and beyond to connect with customers and give them the answers they need but may not have asked for.

Help customers in need wherever they are. Liveops works with you to understand your services and find agents with the right experience and ability to scale. Build a team that delivers consistently exceptional services across every medium with omnichannel support options with built-in agent elasticity.

No matter the season, support call volume without sacrificing your brand. There's no busy season quite like in the world of taxes but as call volume rises, customer satisfaction levels don't need to fall by the wayside. Seasonable scaling your service team of virtual customer service agents for tax season can be a part of your plan with Liveops.

Meet taxpayers when they need you and wherever they are. Taxes are a process and filers often do their research online. As online searches for "last minute deductions" climb, so might your inbox of questions. Put your brand ahead of search engines with agents who are knowledgeable and quick to research and respond.

Build loyal fans this tax season. Be known as a go-to resource by expanding your availability of knowledgeable service agents for tax filers. Liveops home-based agents scale quickly and reach proficiency 40% faster. Agents are also located all over the country and are eager to take on additional hours.

Reduce team burnout. Instead of spreading your full-time team of accountants, CPAs and service agents thin, add Liveops qualified agents who can handle tier 1 and 2 level questions.

Strength in numbers

Industry-leading security

Level 1

Liveops is Level 1 PCI-Complaint with annual audits for PCI DSS, NIST and HIPAA.

Advanced learning


Agents pass certification 40% faster through Liveops’ award-winning eLearning platform.

Increased satisfaction


Companies see a CSAT increase of 5% over existing teams in first eight months with Liveops.


Vetted agents add value when you need volume

Liveops offers access to a flexible workforce of on-demand, skilled agents to support commercial or investment banking, card processing, credit transactions, exchange services, capital management, investment services and other financial services providers.

Our agents are experts in areas such as tax season support.

How do we do it?


Our model is a multi-layered PCI DSS1 and HIPAA HITECH compliant solution offering an environment that is seamless, uncompromised and secure. Your data and your customers' sensitive information is safe.
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Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or one-off events, Liveops flexes to match your volume. Finance agents can be ready to handle surges with as little notice as two hours.
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Each month, Liveops receives over 10,000 agent applications from across the nation. By sourcing for experience instead of location, we can find, attract and retain a large and diverse workforce of financial services agents to support your members and customers.
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Think beyond the traditional call center.
Build a workforce of top agent talent.

It turns out, workforce trends and customer satisfaction are more connected than you might expect. Our always-growing agent workforce isn’t limited by office space, commute times or 40-hour work weeks. Instead it’s optimized for skills and experience.

What does top talent look like?

Liveops isn’t for entry-level. Our virtual flex model attracts agents with three times as many working years as an employee at a traditional call center.

Liveops flexworker
Traditional call center

How experienced are agents? (years)

Liveops is built for agents to last. While traditional call centers report high turnover, Liveops agents report high satisfaction and many choose to do business with Liveops for years if not decades.

Liveops flexworker
Traditional call center

How long do agents last? (years)

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