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× Traditional call centers haven’t evolved.
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Thrive in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Liveops offers retailers an on-demand skilled workforce of onshore virtual agents, ready to promote your products and articulate your value to maximize revenue.

Provide exceptional service

Leverage agents with deep experience in health and human services to help guide patients to make informed choices

Increase agent productivity

With Liveops, your business is more agile because our conscientious and empathetic agents flex up and down with demand—24x7x365

Minimize cost and maximize service

Build trust with patients from the first contact to future experiences. Plus, you’ll lower your cost per call because you only pay for what you use

Massive scale with a seamless patient experience

Major medical supply company
  • 94% call satisfaction score
  • Over 17,500 calls in one week's time
  • 90% of calls answered in 20 seconds
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