Provide a reliable customer experience with an agile contact center

In a world of chaos, be there for your customers with a virtual call center of flexible licensed and unlicensed insurance agents.

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Through expected and unexpected events, you’re always prepared.

With a plan for annual events, such as open enrollment, and policyholders that can experience CAT events at any moment, neither need to mean catastrophe for your teams.

Liveops provides built-in agent utilization elasticity that can scale your customer service capacity as fast as the weather changes. So, even in times of high call volume, customers experience the fastest answer and resolution times.

Insurance sectors

Be responsive. CAT events and natural disasters not only increase call volume but also wipe out call centers in their path. With Liveops virtual customer service and FNOL claims support agents, you can quickly shift to agents in other states and areas ready to pick up.

Do more than just answer the call. Liveops flexible agent model is thoughtfully designed to attract those who have the hard-to-find soft skills and life experience needed for empathetic customer advocacy as well as qualifications for the insurance industry.

Build trust with your customers. Leverage a massive network of qualified insurance support agents who have a proven ability to articulate your products’ value and provide post-sale service at increased levels of CSAT & NPS ratings.

Build trust with your members and life insurance policyholders during their most vulnerable moments. Liveops appeals to agent profiles who have the soft skills and life experience to help them through complicated situations with compassion.

Become a go-to resource. Help members and providers understand eligibility, benefits and products/services. Leverage 500+ licensed insurance support agents who can articulate the value of your plans, assist with policy enrollment and provide post-sale Direct-to-Consumer support at increased CSAT levels.

Meet your insureds where they are. Adapt and scale your care through built-in agent elasticity and omnichannel support options across phone, chat, email, social, and more.

Deliver the type of care your customers need. Our flexible insurance support center agent model is thoughtfully designed to attract those who have the hard-to-find soft skills and life experience needed for empathetic customer advocacy as well as qualifications for the insurance industry.

Get your customers back on the right track. From payment support to information collection, Liveops has on-demand roadside assistance customer service agents who can help you achieve CSAT goals at scale.

There’s only one way to console a stranded traveler—empathy and answers. Our dispatch agents have the technical and tactful skills to remain calm with distressed customers and make sure help is headed to the correct location.

Build trust with drivers from the first point of contact. Your customers turn to you in some of their most desperate moments. Our agents help build your business by being an extension of your brand, articulating the value of the service you provide that customers can count on.

Be there when members need you—don’t pay for when they don’t. Without the constraints of a traditional call center environment, the Liveops model allows you to control your costs by aggressively scaling up or down based on volume, unplanned activity, and demand forecast changes. Agents provide services based on what’s available so they are able to flex up and down significantly depending on the needs of your customers.

We drive results that matter to you and your members.



During a CAT event, Liveops scaled to answer 80% of calls in under 20 seconds.

Call volume and conversions


Liveops scaled calls handled from 20,000 to 260,000 and increased conversion rate 30%.

Agents Deployed in 24 hrs


During a major hurricane, Liveops deployed 350 certified agents in under 24 hours.


Licensed and unlicensed experts available anytime

Liveops offers access to a flexible workforce of on-demand, skilled agents certified to support insurance carriers. Our agents are experts in areas such as policy enrollment and services, benefit eligibility and coverage, claims handling, billing and payment support, roadside assistance, accident reporting, and others.

How do we do it?


Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or unanticipated, Liveops flexes to match your volume. Non-licensed FNOL agents are on-call for surges with as little notice as two hours.
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Our model is a multi-layered PCI DSS1 and HIPAA HITECH compliant solution offering an environment that is seamless, uncompromised and secure.
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Each month, Liveops receives over 10,000 agent applications from across the nation. By sourcing for skill instead of location, we can find, attract and retain a large and diverse agent population to support your members.
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Think beyond the traditional call center.
Build a workforce of top agent talent.

It turns out, workforce trends and customer satisfaction are more connected than you might expect. Our always-growing agent workforce isn’t limited by office space, commute times or 40-hour work weeks. Instead it’s optimized for skills and experience.

What does top talent look like?

Liveops isn’t for entry-level. Our virtual flex model attracts agents with three times as many working years as an employee at a traditional call center.

Liveops flexworker
Traditional call center

How experienced are agents? (years)

Liveops is built for agents to last. While traditional call centers report high turnover, Liveops agents report high satisfaction and many choose to do business with Liveops for years if not decades.

Liveops flexworker
Traditional call center

How long do agents last? (years)

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