Customer-centric tech companies think outside the contact center

Tech-savvy flexible customer service agents help you connect with more customers.

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Never settle when it comes to your CX.

As call volume goes up, customer satisfaction doesn’t have to go down. With Liveops, our built-in elasticity means you can scale your service team exponentially without overhead and maintain the fastest hold and resolution times during the highest peaks in volume.

Technology sectors

Entrepreneurial agents set the bar higher for CX. Liveops tech support agents are as far as it gets from traditional call center mindset. While you think about ways to innovate new solutions and products, they're innovative in their approach to work and finding new ways to provide positive resolutions and outcomes—a win-win for you and your customers.

Empower buyer decisions. Making purchasing decisions can be difficult—especially when shopping online. Liveops virtual call center agents for the tech industry have the life experience and empathy to help buyers feel heard, informed, and empowered while resolving questions.

Turn confused customers into loyal fans. Even the sharpest customers have trouble with tech sometimes. Make the most out of the moments they reach out to you for a request they can't resolve on their own. Our award-winning product courses help agents articulate steps toward success in a way that is helpful and on-brand.

Reduce agent burnout. Call volume can fluctuate greatly with changes in product launches, shopping seasons, and more. Rather than spreading a full-time team of agents too thin, Liveops offers a pay-per-minute model so that you can spread call influxes across multiple virtual tech support agents.

Make an occasional bug an opportunity for your brand to shine. Outages and downtime can lead to rough waters with your customers, but with knowledgeable, empathy-driven tech support agents, your customers will feel understood through the entire resolution process.

Empower your customers. Making purchasing decisions can be difficult—especially when weighing out multiple options. Liveops virtual tech support and sales agents learn your software inside and out and can articulate your features to help buyers feel heard, informed, and empowered while making decisions.

Set the bar high for customers’ expectations. Your customers are smart, but they want to feel educated in your application when they're using it. Make yourself a reliable go-to resource by expanding your availability of knowledgeable tech support agents.

Reduce agent burnout. When call volume is impacted by new product launches and seasonality, Leverage Liveops’ pay-per-minute model to distribute influxes of calls across a team of agents instead of overwhelming a full-time team.

Turn logistics into brand loyalty. Your customers are relying on you to get their work done. Liveops agents have the empathy and acumen to demonstrate you're a partner they can rely on and show them that when service issues arise, you're in this together.

Empower a long-term relationship. Making purchasing decisions can be difficult—especially when the health of a company or organization is relying on it. Liveops agents have the life experience and empathy to help business buyers feel heard, informed and empowered while resolving questions.

Set the bar higher for customers’ expectations. An expanded team of knowledgeable agents will increase your ability to respond to customers and resolve problems. Our Liveops home-based virtual call center agents in the tech industry reach proficiency 40% faster and are located across the country.

Reduce agent burnout. Instead of spreading your full-time service team thin, add business and retain customers with qualified agents who can articulate your value and differentiate the services you offer. Leverage Liveops’ pay-per-minute to spread influxes of calls across multiple agents.

Optimization is our middle name—see why.

Reduced AHT


A major retailer's average handle time (AHT) decreased by 18% with Liveops.

Increased Sales Per Call


Liveops exceeded a major premium retailer's goal in sales per call by 20%.

Improved CSAT


Companies see a CSAT that is 105% of existing teams within the first 8 months with Liveops.


Built-in elasticity built for exceptional customer experiences

Liveops offers a flexible workforce of on-demand, skilled virtual call center agents for the tech industry. Our tech support agents are experts in areas such as software and product support, setup and onboarding, returns and exchanges and more.

How do we do it?


Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or unanticipated, Liveops flexes to match your volume.
Seamlessly scale for seasonal and unexpected spikes, maximizing service levels and minimizing queue times.
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Delivering exceptional CX starts with security—and we lead the industry. Our model is a multi-layered PCI DSS1 and HIPAA HITECH-compliant solution offering an environment that is seamless, uncompromised and secure.
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Each month, Liveops receives over 10,000 agent applications from across the nation. By sourcing for skill instead of location, we can find, attract, and retain a large and diverse workforce to support your customers.
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Think beyond the traditional call center.
Build a workforce of top agent talent.

It turns out, workforce trends and customer satisfaction are more connected than you might expect. Our always-growing agent workforce isn’t limited by office space, commute times or 40-hour work weeks. Instead it’s optimized for skills and experience.

What does top talent look like?

Liveops isn’t for entry-level. Our virtual flex model attracts agents with three times as many working years as an employee at a traditional call center.

Liveops flexworker
Traditional call center

How experienced are agents? (years)

Liveops is built for agents to last. While traditional call centers report high turnover, Liveops agents report high satisfaction and many choose to do business with Liveops for years if not decades.

Liveops flexworker
Traditional call center

How long do agents last? (years)

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