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Call center industry news

Why the BPO industry is ripe for disruption

Lessons from Uber suggest how to capitalize on gaps in a stagnant call center industry On his company’s ninth anniversary, Uber Co-Founder Garrett Camp publicly posted his original pitch deck for Uber. Created three years before the company’s...

Liveops Nation agent news

Agent roadshow: Sharing knowledge and growing small businesses

We’re back from beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina and our FINAL roadshow of 2017! This week, we met 37 members of the Liveops Nation at Bonterra Dining and Wine Room for lively discussion, friendly banter, and fabulous networking! Traveling far...

7 expert tips to avoid work-from-home scams

7 expert tips to avoid work-from-home scams There are countless opportunities to work from home these days, but shuffling through what’s legitimate and what’s not can be a daunting task. Industry experts estimate the ratio of real to fake...