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Retail solutions powered by cloud-based workforces

Seamlessly adapt to seasonal spikes in demand, with no wasted idle time.

Retail is a challenging beast, with call spikes that can make you queasy, irate customers who complain in public tweets, and make-or-break holiday sales. Small miscalculations can spiral into a disaster of too-long hold times and lost sales, so it’s essential to make the right call on customer service before your customers do. Having a flexible, on-demand contact center can help you scale when demand hits.

The best agents already love your brand.

We start with the right agents, hand-picked for reliability and past performance. Next, we invite agents to self-select based on their affinity for and experience with your brand. For example, a top athletic retailer’s Liveops agent pool included former retail associates for the brand and athletes who love the gear.

Certification creates accountable, on-brand interactions.

Our award-winning certification system, Liveops University, gives agents access to everything they need to stay up to date, including your CRM, OMS, and product base. Our agents become fluent in your brand dialect to reflect your values, maintain compliance, and give customers VIP treatment.

Proven privacy and security protection.

Retailers across the nation have been targets of security breaches. We protect your brand’s reputation with an industry-leading security platform including Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, data transfer and storage encryption, secure exchange and operational controls.

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