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Customer service solutions

Flex to meet customer service demands and cut call center overhead.

Most companies look at customer service as a cost center. We help you transform your customer service call center solution into a business-builder that achieves revenue goals and greater customer loyalty.

We do it with the largest virtual contact center in the world—a community of more than 20,000 home-based, entrepreneurial, independent agents. You have access to top-notch talent with the right skill set when you need it most.

Liveops' agents are certified and dedicated to keeping your customers happy, promoting your brand and encouraging repeat buying behavior.

What’s more, Liveops can ramp up to meet the daily or seasonal fluctuating demands of your business, faster and more effectively than brick and mortar organizations could ever dream of.

In just weeks—not months—we’ll configure a cloud-based customer service call center solution tailored for your business. Our pay-per-use agent model aligns perfectly with your market demands, eliminating traditional call center waste to boost your bottom line.

Plus, you can quickly flex agent support to precisely match your peak times and slower periods. By providing you with the right agents at the right time, our full-service virtual model ensures exceptional customer service at a significantly lower cost per call, all with the potential to save the sale, generate more sales, and better serve customers' needs.

Take advantage of our multichannel Customer Service Solutions for:

  • Faster call resolution
  • Real-time visibility into agent performance
  • Dramatically reduced agent turnover—less than 10%
  • A pay-per-use model for optimal productivity and cost efficiency
  • CSAT and NPS scores show measurable improvement

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